I haven’t written a blog in <quickly checks> almost 3 years. Anyone who used to read this, and for those reading for the first time, will note that my prior leanings were toward the classical-liberal part of the political matrix. Perhaps one of the reasons I haven’t written in so long is because I’ve been […]

CAUTION. That which follows is a self-serving, validation-seeking piece of ego-masturbation.   Kind of. The reason I’m writing it here, where I am mostly anonymous, as opposed to, say, my facebook wall (it will be linked, however), is because I personally object to ostentatious humblebragging. I perform it here mostly because I intend to impart […]

Adam and Eve 1 And so it was that the cosmos and all the known life within it came to exist. 2 The progress of life never ceases, never abates, not for a moment. The universe is an arena of energy charged with potential, and so never rests. 3 It took the sentience of humanity […]

Something I’ve had a nascent opinion about over the last few years – essentially, since I had my daughter – is the type of language we might specifically apply to women. I am fairly confident I’ve never been truly sexist or misogynistic, but like with many of my opinions, it’s only been the last decade […]

Has your facebook page or twitter feed been inundated with relatives and friends dousing themselves in buckets of ice in the name of ‘charity’? Yeah, mine too. Everybody loves giving to charity, and everybody loves to watch someone else suffer, so what better way to make a message viral than to combine donation with schadenfreude. […]

The below is a message posted on the blog from a personal friend, and my response. I invite any and all discourse, with the condition that it is courteous and intellectual. In discussing ‘race’ issues, it can be easy to offend, and easy to take offense, and I hope any that engage can do so […]

In many of the circles in which I am engaged, there seems to be a prevailing misunderstanding about the terms agnostic and atheist; specifically that the former is the gentler version of the latter – the non-confrontational and softly spoken person who refuses religion, but does not seek to profess the apparent angry counter-evangelism of […]